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Angora Cashmere Sequin Embellished Intarsia Jumper by Moschino

Cashmere Jumpers

Angora Cashmere Sequin Embellished Intarsia Jumper by Moschino

Cashmere jumpers  used to be quite classic and  seemed a bit staid sometimes. Twinset and pearls is a great look if you can swing it but not for everyone.  Mochino Cheap and Chic is trying to change that.

We all love the Nordic Noir of The Killing and idolise Sarah Lund but have you tried on the jumpers? Eeeeew – scratchy, itchy and so uncomfortable. They are gorgeous to look at but the Swedes even have a word for how uncomfortable this sort of woolly is on the skin.

The Lund jumper is designed and produced by the  fashion knitwear brand Gudrun & Gudrun. It is made from 100% organic wool, un-dyed and hand knitted. If you want to buy a real Sarah Lund jumper then  the Gudrun & Gudrun original is available from the Gudrun&Gudrun website

On my travels round the web the other day I found something I think is much prettier and more comfortable. This lovely jumper is from Moschino’s Cheap & Chic Cashmere Jumpers and of course being cashmere it is not at all scratchy. This lovely little angora/cashmere mix, intarsia jumper  is soft and gentle on the skin. It is a little less understated than Lund’s jumper. The pattern is more asymmetric and there are just  few sequins. So you can sparkle a bit 8-) It avoids the handspun look but still gives a slight Nordic edge. I think it would look fabulous with jeans and the feel of it might just improve Lund’s grumpy expression!

I love it and I think while it nods to the queen of Nordic Noir it takes itself a bit less seriously.

winter cashmere

Winter Cashmere

Elle MacPherson Winter Cashmere
Elle MacPherson shows how to wear winter cashmere

Winter cashmere, what a lovely thought on this horrid, wet, windy London day. Wouldn’t you love to snuggle up in one of these gorgeous knits from the new  Me&Em winter cashmere collection? I think that navy winter wrap may well have my name on it! Or maybe the chunky grey cable sweater. Yes, that is Elle MacPherson showing us how it’s done. It looks gorgeous, perfect for keeping you cosy while you are commuting. Slip it under a stylish leather jacket, or even just a gillet.  The thing about cashmere sweaters is that although they are warm & look chunky, they are never thick and heavy. Sooo much more flattering than the same style in ordinary wool. It opens up all sorts of layering possibilities without ending up looking like a badly packaged parcel or worse. Something that can happen to even the best of us, but never Elle of course! Unless you know different…. Layering is a tricky thing to get right and cashmere definitely makes it a little easier.

Colour is really important when layering. It is best to limit yourself to a couple of colours or go for a range of shades within one and just add an accent colour. These gorgeous grey or navy neutrals  go with almost anything. This season they combine beautifully with the deep wine shade that’s everywhere.

Cashmere is in fashion right now, but it is never really out. How could it be? It is so much more comfortable and stylish than any of its rivals. Fine merino wool is lovely but it really can’t compare with a high quality 2 or 4 ply cashmere. It always surprises me that you can pay nearly as much for what is, after all, just lambswool as you do for the ultimate luxury of cashmere.  Talking of merino wool, there are some very attractive styles around, but if you need to be warm and stylish then cashmere is the clear winner.

Go on, you deserve a little affordable luxury this winter! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous winter cashmere collection from Me&Em and see what tempts you.

winter cashmere
Winter cashmere from Me&Em
Exclusive Cashmere Travel Pack by Madeline Thompson

Cashmere for Christmas

Cashmere for Christmas – a designer travel pack

Next on my Cashmere gift list for the perfect cashmere Christmas is this gorgeous designer  cashmere travel pack from Madeline Thompson which is being sold exclusively through

Just like the celebs have for those long haul flights this is the perfect gift for anyone who travels and appreciates a little class and luxury. As they snuggle into the cashmere travel blanket, they can browse a limited edition F. Scott Fitzgerald special bound hardback and when the eyelids start to droop get some beauty sleep with the eye mask backed in purple silk. The set comes in a lovely soft grey cashmere envelope  lined with silk.

Actually, even if you don’t intend traveling this is still a perfect gift. Who says comfort blankets are just for kids? I like to snuggle into my cashmere blanket at this time of year, complete with a good book and it’s a great companion if you are suffering from the winter sniffles.

Exclusive Cashmere Travel Pack by Madeline Thompson

This very special EXCLUSIVE travel pack from the high priestess of serious luxury, Madeline Thompson includes an exquisite, limited edition F. Scott Fitzgerald book with a special foil printed cover, by award winning designer Coralie Bickford-Smith. Indulge in some me time on your travels and lose yourself in a good book or simply relax at home. Each pack includes one of the following Limited Edition Penguin Classics books, allocated at random; ‘Flappers and Philosophers’, ‘ Tender Is The Night’, ‘This Side Of Paradise’ or ‘The Beautiful And Damned’

Santa darling,

if you are listening this  and the long haul tickets, would be perfect, thanks. I’ve been good, honest :-)

Now I’d like to find this cashmere travel set under my tree, along with some long haul airline tickets for January. Please? Pretty Please?

Find out what’s next on my Cashmere gift list in tomorrow’s post.

cashmere jumper

Cashmere Jumpers for Christmas

Cashmere sweaters, not your usual Christmas jumper!

We’ve all cringed at Aunty Em’s Christmas offering but here are a couple of Christmas jumpers that will warm your heart. You’d be thrilled to find either of these under your tree on Christmas morning. These are my two favourites, first up:

Cashmere jumper Key to My Heart

cashmere jumper
Cashmere jumper Key to My Heart

Aunty Sonia (Sonia Rykiel to you!) has come up with something that certainly wins the key to any cashmere lover’s heart. Stylish, understated comfort with an edge of wit. Just imagine snuggling down with this on Christmas day!

100% cashmere, from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. This soft grey cashmere round necked jumper has a red heart and keyhole pattern on the front. The jumper has ribbed cuffs and hem and slips easily over your head.

Let this jumper be the key to your heart when you slip it on with denim looks. Utterly drop-dead-gorgeous and exactly what we’ve come to expect from this flirty French label.

Cashmere jumper Key to My Heart

Elan Cashmere Reindeer Sweater

Uncles Paul and Joe have come up with something a little more traditional with a twist. This maybe a reindeer but it’s not Rudolf! Elan Cashmere Reindeer Sweater

Again in gorgeous soft grey 100% cashmere this is a Christmas jumper to revel in. This grey cashmere v neck jumper has a  reindeer head pattern in gorgeous subtle shades on the front. The jumper has banded knit cuffs, collar and hem.

You could pair it with dark denim jeans and some chunky ankle boots for urban adventures, or pull it over your pjs and wear it with your slipper boots for a very glam Christmas morning! Either way you’ll look cosy, fashionable and ironically post modern. Can’t be bad!

Elan Cashmere Reindeer Sweater

So there we are, two gorgeous Christmas jumpers that won’t have you cringing on Christmas morning.

Of course if your loved ones can’t be trusted to find these for themselves you can always give them a little hint. Or even just treat yourself. Tell them it came from Uncles Paul & Joe or  Aunty Sonia and watch them scratching their heads!

Elan Cashmere Reindeer Sweater

Cashmere jumper Key to My Heart

Silk Cashmere Sequined Sweatshirt by DKNY

DKNY Silk Cashmere Sequined Sweater

DKNY Silk Cashmere Sequined Sweater from

Silk Cashmere Sequined Sweatshirt by DKNY

It is that time of year when we all feel the need for a bit of sparkle. Isn’t this just gorgeous? My Wardrobe suggest pairing it with leather look trousers and big studs. It would look fabulous with anything though.

The fabric is 85% silk with just 15% cashmere (exclusive of sequins), just enough cashmere to add a little warmth. If I were you I’d click through on the picture and check the detailed view. That’s the way to really see the quality of this piece.

Charcoal silk and cashmere mix sweater with all over sequin embellishment. DKNY sweater features a scoop neck, bracelet length sleeves and simply slips on over the head

DKNY are rightly famous for their timeless American Chic, as the site says:

Timeless American classics for everyone – DKNY are the go-to brand! A true child of New York City – DKNY was born in 1989. Fast fashion, with an urban mind-set, the brand has grown into a New York street-smart style.

The silk cashmere sequined sweater is one of the  key note pieces of Karan’s current collection of interchangeable items that work together to create a wardrobe that goes from day to evening.  She is:

An artist in her own right, the clothes represent a sensual expression, sense of security and freedom of movement. This season… enjoy classic tweed separates, nautical-inspired casual dresses and a splash of DKNY glamour with sequinned tees.

So why not join DKNY fashion fans like Cameron Diaz, Cate Blanchett and Sienna Miller and treat yourself to a little cashmere sparkle this winter?  While you are there you really must check out the rest of the site.


Good News for Scottish Cashmere

Scottish cashmere got a boost today when, according to the BBC, Todd and Duncan bought back their Loch Leven factory. The Beeb went on to say:

The deal will secure the future of the company’s 200 employees and allow it to invest in the site.

The cashmere yard spinner was sold by Dawson International last year to China’s Zhongyin Cashmere Company.

The firm’s site was sold off to a developer two years ago but was bought back for an undisclosed sum.

Todd & Duncan supplies yarn to some to some of the world’s largest fashion houses, including Gucci, Prada and Chanel.

Of course it sources most of the cashmere from China so there is a slight down side. Still I expect there are some pretty relieved people in Loch Leven today!