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Cashmere Clothing – where does it come from?

Ever wondered where your cashmere comes from?

Sixty percent of cashmere comes from China. Much of the rest comes from Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.
There have only been cashmere goats in the USA for about 25 years. They were imported from Australia.

Cashmere comes from goats of a particular type, rather than one breed. Angora goats don’t produce cashmere down but most other goats do in varying amounts.

The fleece consists of two kinds of fibre. The soft, fine cashmere and the courser guard hair. The inner cashmere fibre is shorter and slightly curly. The guard hairs on the outside are usually straight, longer and coarse.

The goats are sheared like sheep once a year and a full grown adult will yield a kilo of fleece. About 20% of the fleece will be cashmere.

The cashmere was traditionally extracted by combing out the down. Most industrial cashmere is extracted by using a commercial de-hairer on sheared fibre.

Knitted cashmere clothing needs the longest, finest down. The shorter down is woven into cashmere fabric for suits and other tailored cashmere clothing.
The guard hair fibre is mostly used in rugs, carpets and upholstery.

Your cashmere clothing should be made from the softest finest fibres. That’s what you are looking for from quality cashmere clothing