Jun 102009


Nobody does cashmere clothing like Burburry but it’s summer? Who needs cashmere in the summer?

You do if you live in the UK! Have you been outside recently? At night? Brrr! Wouldn’t you just love to have something like this stylish cashmere golf sweater to pull round your shoulders? I know I would! As for their gorgeous cashmere sweaters with check patches, one of those would cheer me up on our too frequent grey days.

The Burberry summer knits collection doesn’t disappoint. Go check it out and see if you don’t fall for at least 1 or 2 of the gorgeous cashmere items on display!

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Mar 112009

cashmere clothing loungewear Cashmere clothing isn’t just for formal wear. Cashmere lounge wear must be the ultimate luxury for the pyjama worker and I just found a new source. Tucked away in the depths of Ruby and Ed’s web site is this great cashmere hooded top. They’ve got slouchy pants and gorgeous cashmere slippers too. I love all their stuff but I didn’t realise they did cashmere clothing! Just navigate to the Lounge wear section and you’ll soon see some lovely cashmere clothing.

The price is pretty reasonable too for quality Italian cashmere. This luxury 100% fine Italian cashmere hooded top is just £60! This is a great price for such a pretty pointelle knit cashmere.

As I said, I love all there stuff so do have a mooch around but make sure you find your way back to their cashmere clothing!

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Mar 092009
cashmere clothing spring sale

cashmere clothing spring sale

Cashmere Clothing for Spring

Isn’t this cashmere wrap cardi gorgeous? It’s in good quality 2 ply cashmere yarn and comes in some delightful shades.
At just £99 it would be a snip but even better than that! For a limited time there’s 10% off your first order from wonderful folks at Denner Cashmere

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