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Cashmere Clothing How to Hand Wash

Cashmere Clothing needs careful hand washing to keep it at its best. This applies to cashmere, jumpers, sweaters and any other knitted cashmere items.
Dry-cleaning cashmere clothing is responsible for more holes than clothes moths these days.Repeated, poor-quality dry cleaning breaks the fibres and causes holes. Hand washing is the best care you can give your cashmere. Old-fashioned hand washing is almost a dying art but it leaves the cashmere considerably softer.

Washing Cashmere Clothing – Instructions

You will need:

  • A bowl
  • A supply of lukewarm water
  • Specialist cashmere shampoo or soap flakes
  • 2 or 3 large old, thick towels
  • A flat surface where you can leave it undisturbed for several days.
  1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water. It should be just warm to your touch not hot at all.
  2. Add a small amount of a mild specialist soap.(Denner’s Cashmere Shampoo is ideal and NO Need to Rinse!)
  3. Swill the jumper or shawl around very gently. NO scrubbing!
  4. Squeeze very carefully to remove excess water and put on the drainer.
  5. Fill the bowl with clear tepid water and rinse the garment. Do this repeatedly till the water runs clear. You’ve heard the phrase ‘rinse and repeat’ right ? This can takes several bowls of water – 5 or 6 even!
  6. When the water is clear, gently remove your precious, squeeze again.
  7. Have ready a big, old thick towel. Lay your garment flat on top of it.
  8. Gently pull it to the shape it should be. Pay special attention to ends of sleeves, necklines and hems.
  9. Slightly scary this bit. You can remove more excess water by rolling up the towel. and again gently squeezing it. NEVER WRING IT OUT!!!
  10. Unroll the towel.
  11. Remove garment and lay flat on another towel. If it’s big enough fold it in half over the garment otherwise place yet another towel on top.
  12. Leave it laying flat somewhere safe until totally dry. May take several days, depends on weather, heat in your house etc.

Note - watch out for cats sitting on your drying garment. Claws and cashmere are not a good mix!

Remember if you use a cashmere shampoo you can avoid all that rinsing.So there you are, that’s how you can safely hand wash your cashmere clothing.