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winter cashmere

Winter Cashmere

Elle MacPherson Winter Cashmere
Elle MacPherson shows how to wear winter cashmere

Winter cashmere, what a lovely thought on this horrid, wet, windy London day. Wouldn’t you love to snuggle up in one of these gorgeous knits from the new  Me&Em winter cashmere collection? I think that navy winter wrap may well have my name on it! Or maybe the chunky grey cable sweater. Yes, that is Elle MacPherson showing us how it’s done. It looks gorgeous, perfect for keeping you cosy while you are commuting. Slip it under a stylish leather jacket, or even just a gillet.  The thing about cashmere sweaters is that although they are warm & look chunky, they are never thick and heavy. Sooo much more flattering than the same style in ordinary wool. It opens up all sorts of layering possibilities without ending up looking like a badly packaged parcel or worse. Something that can happen to even the best of us, but never Elle of course! Unless you know different…. Layering is a tricky thing to get right and cashmere definitely makes it a little easier.

Colour is really important when layering. It is best to limit yourself to a couple of colours or go for a range of shades within one and just add an accent colour. These gorgeous grey or navy neutrals  go with almost anything. This season they combine beautifully with the deep wine shade that’s everywhere.

Cashmere is in fashion right now, but it is never really out. How could it be? It is so much more comfortable and stylish than any of its rivals. Fine merino wool is lovely but it really can’t compare with a high quality 2 or 4 ply cashmere. It always surprises me that you can pay nearly as much for what is, after all, just lambswool as you do for the ultimate luxury of cashmere.  Talking of merino wool, there are some very attractive styles around, but if you need to be warm and stylish then cashmere is the clear winner.

Go on, you deserve a little affordable luxury this winter! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous winter cashmere collection from Me&Em and see what tempts you.

winter cashmere
Winter cashmere from Me&Em